FSDL90 sjaal

sjaal 2.jpg

Beautiful silk shawl designed by fashion designer Charity van der Meer,  and artist Hinke Veenstra. Please make sure to buy this gorgeous piece of fashion so you will always have a colourful memory of the Friendship Days weekend!

sjaal 1.jpg

Material: 100% silk
Colour: available in yellow and white
Price: € 30,00



FSDL90 ketting

ketting 1.jpg

Elegant necklace with a dandelion seed in a glass pendant. By wearing the dandelion seed as a pendant, it offers you a symbol of friendship spreading all over the world. A little piece of art, that is what this tiny seed is. Buy it for yourself and/or for your friends who couldn’t join for the weekend, or buy it for your daughter, mother, sister, auntie or any other women you can think of to let her know you value her friendship!

ketting 2.jpg

Material: zinc alloy and glass
Shape: oval pendant
Price: € 10,00




Cap: € 15,00



Ronde FSDL90 pin.jpg

Ronde pin: € 8,00



Gouden pluis pin.jpg
Zilveren pluis pin.jpg

Pluis pin: € 10,00


Mousepad: €  5,00

Regenponcho: € 3,00

Prijzen exclusief verzendkosten.