19-10-2019: 25th anniversary of SI Val  Brabant - Waterloo (Belgium)

Deze uitnodiging is gericht aan onze Uniepresidente, die verhinderd is. Wij zijn heel blij als iemand in haar plaats kan gaan.
Wil jij heel graag gaan, laat het ons weten. Mail naar  president@soroptimist.nl

Dear SI Presidents of Germany, Great Britain and Ireland and The Netherlands,

The President and Members of SI Val  Brabant - Waterloo (Belgium) have the great pleasure of inviting you to the 25th anniversary of our Club on 19th October 2019.
The event will be held at the Queen Elisabeth Chapel in Waterloo.
The formal meeting will be followed by a concert given by the Young Soloists in Residence. The afternoon will end with a reception to be held in this prestigious setting.
To mark our anniversary we have decided to provide funding for one of the artists in order to support her in her chosen career.
We would be deeply honoured if you could grace this event with your presence.

In friendship,


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